Nov 29, 2010

Fishnoodles is now Bright Star Baby

Fishnoodles online store is getting a name change! Fishnoodles diapers and covers will be sold at our new store, Bright Star Baby. In addition, we will be introducing a wonderful new diaper in 2011 under the Bright Star label.

Why the name change?
When we opened "Fishnoodles" in 2008, the idea behind the name was fun and playful - a leaping, laughing fish made out of bowtie and rotini noodles. It made for a cute logo and our customers loved it. We wanted to stand out from the cloth diaper crowd of bums, bugs, and bees...and that we did.

There were some unintended consequences though. Pretty soon we started getting restaurant supply catalogs - clearly someone was data mining the business registrations - and it was amusing to imagine the hot dog roaster or neon "open" sign in our home kitchen. Then came the calls. Calls about health insurance for our wait staff and credit card processing services for our restaurant. Calls about our menu and specials. And then finally -- the shipment of fabric that was coded as a shipment of noodles and shipped to us on a special truck certified for food handling. It was time for serious consideration of a new name.

Want to hear how we came up with the new name, and what it means to us? Please click on this link to subscribe to Bright Star Baby and hear the rest of the story...note that you will have to activate the subscription. We'd simply switch everyone on the Fishnoodles mailing list over to Bright Star Baby but spam prevention does not allow us to add subscribers, you have to add yourself and verify that you meant to join. Thanks!

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